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Creating Positive Intentions through a Reiki Drumming Experiential Session
The following video is a Reiki Drumming Video that helps create and empower positive statements within yourself.  Headphones are recommended for the full meditative and healing experience.
1. Create three (3) positive statements that you can repeat to yourself at the beginning of the session e.g. I am grounded, I am safe, I am healthy.
2. Sit or lie down comfortably to play the video.  Breathe in and out deeply a few times.
3.  When the video begins playing, you will hear the drum beat 7 times.  This will occur three times. On each occasion, repeat your affirmations to yourself.
4. As the drum plays, just relax and listen to the drum and allow the healing vibrations to flow to you.
5.  When the drumming session ends, you will hear the drum beat 3 times. Repeat your affirmations to yourself.
6. Give thanks for the drumming session and for the space to create positive intentions to yourself.
7. Repeat as desired.

A vision board, or a dream board, is essentially a physical manifestation of your goals. It is putting all the future ideas and mental imagery about the version of your best self, on paper or in digital format. The physical design of a vision board encourages and reminds a person as to what their goals are, where they would like to be and what would bring them closer to their dreams. Here’s my article on how to create a vision board and infuse it with Reiki.

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While Reiki can be applied to many international situations and causes, life events and for personal healing; sometimes it is good to remind ourselves of the simple ways Reiki can be applied in our daily living.  Conscious daily intention in applying reiki to everyday tasks, allows it to flow to wherever it is needed most and brings tremendous healing and peace and calm to the individual.

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary has the definition of gratitude simply as “the state of being grateful – thankfulness.” There is a lot of literature on gratitude and its emotional, social, personal, career and health benefits. With so much to gain, how difficult is it to be thankful and live in a state of gratitude everyday? This is my own personal story and journey towards a more grateful outlook on life.

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One of my Reiki Master teachers taught me that the Distance Healing Symbol, meant “The Origin of All is Pure Consciousness.” When I was initially attuned to the Reiki energy, I found this symbol to be fascinating as there were no restrictions with time and space. I could use this symbol to send Reiki energy to any traumatic event from my past, use it to send Distance healing to someone in a different location and even use it for an upcoming event or meeting if I knew the date and time.

Over time, especially after I became a Reiki Master, I realized that my intuition was guiding me as to which symbol was needed during a session or throughout my day. Sometimes I would be prompted to use all the symbols I was attuned to and at other times, I would be promoted to use only one symbol.

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"The Inner Garden of Light: Rooting Ourselves into Reiki Practice for Personal and Global Healing" The 2023 Reiki Summit Workbook - is a heartfelt companion for a transformative journey into the world of Reiki. 

Explore the pages of this workbook as it contains ten (10) healing activities shared by summit speakers. Chapter Five "Creating Your Reiki Vision Board: A Path to Manifestation & Alignment" is based on my interview highlighting how Reiki can be a powerful tool for manifesting your desires, aligning with the Universe and embracing the uniqueness of your life journey.

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