Creating a Grounding and Relaxing Space

The Reiki Lighthouse offers Reiki healing sessions, Reiki-Talks and Reiki meditations workshops.

Akleema Ali

Owner – Awarded the Top 10 Energy Healers of 2022 & 2023 by The Energy Healing Magazine

Women of the Moment by ADVO Magazine (March, 2023)

Reiki Rays “Reiki Healing Summit” (November, 2023)

Women to Watch Winner March 2024 (Women’s Biz Magazine, Australia)

CREA Global Awards 2024 (Sweden)

Reiki sessions are available as an individual or a group session:

Our Classes:

Usui/Holy Fire® III
Reiki I & II

Reiki I and II are taught together during a weekend intensive or two weekdays

Usui/Holy Fire® III
Reiki Master

The Master training combines into one 3-day class which is usually taught during a 3-day weekend or otherwise during the week.

Beginner Reiki
Drumming Training

Must have completed Reiki I/II (all lineages welcome), 16” White Buffalo Drum

What Our Clients Say About
The Reiki Lighthouse

Akleema Ali has been very instrumental in bringing the experience of Reiki into my life. Having been at a certain downward spiral, I needed something that could help me turn within, to focus on my spiritual energy that somehow felt dimming more and more in this world filled with so much negative situations. Akleema helped me to feel exactly what i needed to. The experience as she guided me into a quiet, restful state while having the ability to draw into and read my energies was mind blowing! She was entirely devoted to helping me and took her time to explain all the various chakras that she picked up during the session. I believe Reiki is a true gift to us humans rekindling our spirit and finding back meaning to our existence, and i am eternally grateful to Akleema helping me re- focus on the things that really do matter in my life. I would recommend anyone give a Reiki session a try, and several more! With Akleema. I am eternally grateful to her for teaching me so much!

S. Singh ~ Trinidad & Tobago

I want to express profound thanks for my Reiki session with you. It was a unique, soothing, therapeutic, and powerful experience. One that I'm holding in my memory. I specifically enjoyed the elevated feelings I got from the drumbeat and more than ever the peace and clarity surrounding a decision I had to make. I came to the session not knowing what to expect, needing answers and left feeling fulfilled with a ready answer and peace to move forward. Thanks again for your session, it was well worth it.

J. Farray ~ Trinidad & Tobago

What I would say about Kimi and your energy as a healer, is that you are very intuitive. Your calming presence, beautiful chanting and care put me at ease. The messages you received from my session and shared with me, still ring true today as I put my creativity in place rather than a compulsion to eat foods or try to numb out with outside sources.

S. Knight ~ United States

I think each session is quite revealing and quite nice, I enjoy it very much. I especially like when I try my best to not sleep but always do, it's quite a nice game. I was more comfortable with my reiki master; she was very kind and gentle. She explained for me after and was very sweet and nonjudgmental. I recommend Reiki as a method of relaxation to anyone who is willing to try it, and I recommend her. I cannot imagine my life without reiki nor stopping it, it helped me beyond compare.

R. Ali ~ Trinidad & Tobago